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FAQ For Job Seekers

Account and Registration

Q: Are there any charges for Job Seekers?
A: No is completely free for Job Seekers.

Q: Do I need to register to use the site?
A: You don't have to register to search jobs, but some employers require you to register to apply for jobs. Also, by registering you get access to all of the helpful job tools, including setting job alerts, and storing multiple resumes.

Q: How do I sign in to my account after I've registered?
A: Once you have registered, you can sign in at any time by selecting Sign In at the top right of the page.

Q: Can I change my email address, password and user name?
A: To change your email address, password or other information, log in with your current username and password. Go to the Your Profile section of your dashboard. You can change everything in your profile except your username from this page. (If you need to change your username contact


Q: How do I upload a resume?
A: You can upload your resume at registration or anytime after that by clicking on the Add Resume section of your Dashboard.

Q: How do I update or make changes to an existing resume?
A: To edit an existing resume, log into your account, go to your Dashboard and click the pencil icon to the right of your resume. From this section you can edit your resume.

Q: What if I don’t want my resume to be viewable in your database?
A: When you add or update a resume, it defaults to being viewable. To make any or all resumes not viewable, click the binoculars icon to the right of the resume name in your Dashboard.
You can also make your Profile private. Go to Your Profile and select Private under Job Search Status and Contact Info Hidden under Resume Anonymity Level.

Q: How do I know which resume will be sent with my applications?
A: You will select the resume you wish to send from a drop down on the job application page. For employers using their own site for applications, they will instruct you how to submit a resume

Q: How do I see what jobs I've applied for?
A: You can view your applications from your Dashboard.

Q: How can I be alerted to jobs that might interest in?
A: Set up a Job Alert! Just go to the Job Alert section of your Dashboard and create as many alerts as you want.